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Microchip background

Managed NAND

Our managed NAND solutions provide reduced ECC complexity, better system performance, improved reliability, easy integration, and lower overall system costs.

The increasingly complex ECC and data-management requirements of NAND Flash can be challenging for embedded designers. Our fully managed and ECC-free NAND devices help make technology transitions nearly seamless by handling media management and error correction code (ECC) internally. Managed NAND frees the host controller for increased speed and system performance—and saves significant resources that would otherwise go to hardware and software development. Our standardized packages also ease the design process, helping reduce time-to-market.


  • Single-package solution for designers looking for MMC-like application-to-application interoperability
  • We offer e∙MMC solutions in a variety of densities and options
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Embedded USB

  • Reliable in Harsh Environments
  • Cost-effective
  • Small size
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