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Microchip background




Whether your design requires high bandwidth, low power, high density, ultra-low latency, or high speed, we have the DRAM solution for you.

DRAM modules

DRAM Modules

We build our memory modules from start to finish—beginning with the memory component design and stringently testing at every stage of development and manufacturing.

NAND flash

NAND Flash

Micron does more than design and manufacture NAND Flash memory. We strive to solve design challenges through better engineering—by raising the bar on features, function, and performance.

Managed NAND

Managed NAND

By overcoming complex ECC and data-management challenges, our fully managed NAND devices ease technology transitions and integration while improving system performance and reliability.


Solid State Storage

Our family of solid state storage products targets a wide spectrum of needs—from low-density, cost-effective embedded storage, to client- and performance-class SSDs.

NOR flash

NOR Flash

Whether you’re designing for wireless, embedded, or automotive applications, our extensive portfolio of serial and parallel NOR Flash solutions delivers the right mixture of performance, cost, and design continuity, backed by years of Micron Flash memory expertise.

hybrid memory cube

Hybrid Memory Cube

HMC’s abstracted interface and advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) capabilities reduce complexity and deliver greater reliability—enabling your innovation and lowering your total cost of ownership like never before.

Multichip Packages


Our MCP product line offers a variety of devices, configurations, and package options, and we help you select the just-right combination of low power, high reliability, and overall robustness.