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Frequently Asked Questions

USA Transitioning Military
How can I apply for a position with Micron?

Visit www.micron.com and click on the jobs section. From there, select jobs in the US and begin your search. This will allow you to browse open positions and apply for jobs that you are interested in. If you have never applied for a position at Micron, you will need to register as a new user.

How do I submit my resume?

If you have never applied for a position at Micron, you will need to register as a new user. Once you are registered, you can browse and apply for jobs you are interested in. Micron’s online application allows you to upload a resume or manually fill out required fields. Candidates are encouraged to double check their applications prior to submitting.

I see more than one position that I am interested in. Do I need to apply multiple times?

If you are interested in multiple jobs, you will need to submit a separate application for each one while logged into your candidate profile. 

How do I update my application?

Micron’s online application system allows you to save drafts of your application prior to submitting. It is recommended that you closely check your application before submitting. If you need to update your application, click on the “Access My Profile” link on the right while logged into your candidate profile. To edit an application, you will need  to click on “My Jobpage” to view your submitted applications.  Then click on “View Submission” for the application you’d like to edit and make your changes.

What is the current status of my application?

Once you’ve submitted an online application, you will be able to view the status of the application when you log into the system using your username and password. Jobs that you have applied to will be visible in the “My Jobpage” section along with the current status of the application.

I'll be leaving the military soon. When should I apply?

Generally, jobs post 1-3 months prior to the start date. If you will be available for work prior within that timeframe, apply for the position. If you will not be available, a good starting point is to set up your user account in preparation for applying to positions when you do become available. A good tip would be to start applying for jobs 90 days before you will be available for work.

Does Micron give military preference in employment consideration?

All applicants are afforded the same equal opportunity for employment with Micron, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran's or any other legally-protected status.

How do I know which jobs might match my military job?

Military personnel have strong ability to focus on the mission or goal through strategic planning and tactical execution. Candidates that possess these abilities find they translate well to the private sector. While you are welcome to apply for any job you may be qualified for, candidates with military experience in a technical or mechanical trade generally find their skills match well with Manufacturing and Fab Technician positions at Micron. For specific qualifications, each job description will list the required experience and education.

Can I use my G.I. Bill at Micron?

G.I. Bill benefits may be used for approved programs. Check with your local veteran's administration office for additional information on what might qualify. Team members must use their G.I. Bill benefits prior to being eligible for Micron benefits. Micron's Continuing Education Program supports the company's mission through the development of an educated workforce by providing assistance for approved educational programs.

I'm a member of the National Guard or Reserves, what happens if I'm called to active service?

Micron is very supportive of its citizen soldiers, and in fact, was recently honored for its commitment by the Employer Support for the Guards and Reserves (ESGR) for its leadership and personnel policies in support employee participation in the Guard and Reserve. Team members that are called into active service are granted military leave so that they can fulfill their military obligations and will find that Micron policy supports them in their duty.

What issues should I be aware of when considering a job in the private sector?

While military members are typically very adaptable, you may be surprised at how quickly decisions are made and implemented. Depending on the role or situation, you may be required to make decisions without “sign off” from your direct supervisor. Additionally, military personnel are accustomed to regularly changing assignments while some roles and responsibilities in the corporate environment may be for a longer term. Depending on the role, the scope of responsibility will most likely be smaller and more focused than a military position.

What types of benefits does Micron offer?

Insurance coverage includes medical, dental, vision, life, accidental death and dismemberment, short- and long-term disability and business travel accident. The 401(k) plan allows team members to invest money in for retirement and receive a company match. Stock options are also offered to team members at management discretion. Micron also has a generous paid time off program that increases with years of service. The education assistance program provides tuition support for job and/or industry related courses and degree programs. Micron also has a Service Award Program to recognizes and reward team members for their years of dedication and commitment to the company. Depending on location, an on-site, premier fitness center is available for team member use. For additional information, visit the benefits page on the micron.com jobs section.

Do team members need to pay for any of their benefits?

Micron pays for team member basic coverage, including basic medical, dental, and vision. Additional plans are available for a premium you pay. You are responsible for the cost of coverage for your dependents on any plan.

What type of training does Micron offer?

Micron is committed to continuous improvement - of our products, our technology and our team members. To support this continuous improvement, team members have opportunities to learn skills that not only benefit the business, but also their own personal and professional development. Micron makes it convenient and affordable to attend college and university classes and provides technical training to help prepare you for future opportunities within the company as an individual contributor, technology leader or as a people leader.