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Microchip background

US Internships

US Internships at Micron

Check out a Micron Technology internship. Even though you're still in school, you can get valuable, on-the-job experience with one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world through a Micron Technology internship.

We recruit students from all over the country for internships at five of our U.S. facilities. Each internship is approximately three months long and is based on positions the company has available. Credit for completed assignments may also be available; those details must be coordinated between the student, the school, and Micron's Academic Program Manager.

As an intern at Micron, you'll have the opportunity to work beside some of the technology industry's finest, most respected professionals on a day-to-day basis. You'll gain experience working on real-time projects in vital departments, such as Research and Development, Fabrication/Process, Product Engineering, Firmware Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Information Systems. It's a chance to make friends and make connections while gaining valuable industry experience that will be a great asset to your career.

Hear from actual interns about what it's like working in different areas at Micron.

Working in Diffusion Engineering Working in NAND

With our internship program, students have the ability to combine a high-tech job experience with a geographic location that suits them. Our facilities in California, Colorado, Idaho, and Virginia can open the door to a variety of experiences and activities outside the workplace.