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Microchip background

Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips

Micron wants you to succeed. An engineering and management panel offers these interview tips:

  • Research the company and demonstrate your knowledge relating to semiconductors, memory, and manufacturing.
  • Consider how your academic background and career goals are in line with the company (Micron). Be able to explain why you believe your skill set will be enhanced by a career (or employment) with Micron.
  • Be prepared to ask at least two relevant questions about the job or company.
  • If applying for a technical position, expect to receive technical questions. When asked a technical question, your thought process is as important as achieving the right answer.
  • Be prepared to discuss, in good detail, some of your projects and accomplishments as they relate to your ability in your major. Present examples and engage the interviewer in two-way communication.
  • Act as though you want and deserve the job. Dress and groom yourself professionally.
  • Use proper grammar and a professional vocabulary. Avoid using words or phrases that diminish your credibility or competence.
  • Relax and smile.
  • Be prompt: 5-10 minutes early. Also, schedule plenty of time for your interview. Don't be rushed by commitments immediately after your interview.
  • Speak well of former employers and previous jobs. Don't discuss your personal affairs.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm.
  • Don't inflate your qualifications.