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Micron Behaviors: How We Work

Lead Through Teamwork, Trust, and Accountability

Leading through teamwork, trust and accountability creates an environment for all team members to be successful. Team members at all levels of the organization are leaders in one way or another. Whether it's leading a team or your own performance on projects and processes, each one of us is responsible for fostering an environment of shared success.

Embrace Business Volatility

Understanding that Micron is in a volatile business and that change is constant will help you be better prepared for those changes. We embrace volatility by focusing on the Strategic Objectives of the company, setting long and short term goals, and driving ourselves and our organizations for positive results, regardless of the environment we are in.

Make Decisions through Data, Metrics & Processes

Using effective problem solving and systematic decision-making processes help each of us make higher quality decisions.

Focus on Customer Needs

Regardless of our function in the company, the work we do is ultimately for either an external or internal customer. Likewise, we are both customers and suppliers ourselves. It is to our mutual benefit to remain focused on our customer's needs to ensure we are using our resources in the right ways to produce effective results.

Innovate for Market Demands

We are often faced with new challenges or opportunities that require creative solutions. Challenging ourselves to think differently allows us to remain nimble and capitalize on these unique situations.

Relentlessly Focus on Efficiency

Being relentlessly focused on efficiency requires a continuous improvement mindset. A conscious effort toward continuous improvement is critical to your personal and professional success.